concrete polishing services

Outer Island Stone Care offers unique and original services for interior and exterior decorative concrete floors. Colouring…Polishing…Patterns. These beautifying methods also make the surface more durable than it is naturally. The palette of colors is extensive, providing looks to emulate natural stone, or bold designs to suit contemporary tastes.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors can be completely seamless for ease of maintenance, or combined with decorative scoring to provide additional aesthetic appeal. Finishes offered can be tailored to what you desire; non-slip honed finishes for external areas, high polished internal floors to really bring out the color and antiqued or “distressed” finishes only offered by Outer Island Stone Care. The combinations are truly limitless. We are also experts in concrete acid-staining. With the bold colors and interesting mottling patterns, your floors will be the conversation piece of your home or business.

Polished Concrete has many choices and benefits…

Techniques to produce many exciting looks, including:


The Granite & Terrazzo look

Various colored stone chips or glass beads are cast into the concrete during the finishing process, then exposed by diamond grinding and polishing. The matrix can be dyed to create a look suitable for any design scheme. The polishing can be finished to a high gloss, low gloss, or non-slip honed for exterior applications. Colors include; slate blue, olive green, burnt sienna, saddle brown, terracotta, mahogany, caramel, walnut, black. These colors will not fade when exposed to UV like integral colors or coatings will.

concrete that was polished

The Bold Color look

These acid-staining processes, with many beautiful colors to choose from and original application techniques; single coloured which will accentuate the natural “crazing” in t concrete and bring out interesting patterns, multi-colour mottled patterns which blending two or three colours which bleed into each other and create an interesting “batik” look, patterns, borders, and designs, created to break up larger areas and add spice.

Color options include copper patina, various shades of green, aged bronze, wheat, and blackberry. Most of the colors are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Newly polished concrete

The Polished Marble look

This is a process by which the concrete is chemically retrofitted with a super dense silica derivative which hardens and seals, making the surface virtually maintenance free. Then it is diamond polished to a high degree to bring out the color of prior treatments. This is an interesting and beautiful alternative to epoxy coatings for a commercial floor application and will not require periodic stripping and re-coating as the process is permanent.

  • Diamond Grinding & Polishing
  • Coloring: Acid-Staining, Color Sealing, and Dyes
  • Decorative Scoring and Control-Joints
  • Densifying Impregnating Sealers

This innovative approach to concrete finishing will accomplish the following:

1. Polished concrete as the finish floor in a way that will save money and at the same time produce a look resembling fine dimensional stone. With prices typically half of a ceramic tile installation, short-term cost savings can be expected.

2. The ultimate in durability. These surfaces are treated in a way which produces a “diamond-hard” surface that will not show wear patterns, even in industrial applications. Our special finishes will never need expensive refinishing or re-coating and are very easy to maintain. This represents long-term cost savings as well.

Natural Products

The Outer Island Stone Care densifying product, being a water-based sodium silicate, works by chemically interacting with the calcium hydroxide in the cement component of the concrete. We are not creating a topical floor covering, nor are we creating a flooring product that will require extensive maintenance, stripping, ongoing topical treatments and toxic effluent created by periodic re-finishing. We are simply utilizing natural products to enhance the performance of other natural products, and we do it in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

Cost Effective Solutions for Custom Homes, Driveways, Shops, Commercial Buildings, Sheds

Outer Island Stone Care has been restoring stone and masonry surfaces since 1988. Our state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and experience guarantee you the highest quality product. Our imagination and creativity offer design options found nowhere else.