At Outer Island Stone Care our services are specifically designed to resolve the problems encountered in Hawaii with natural stone, such as red dirt staining (Maui & Kauai), silica mineral staining and acid rain etching (Big Island), biological staining and normal wear. We have been refining techniques for these type of problems for over 25 years and have some serious tricks up our sleeve.

We pay special attention to the environment and use all biodegradable products, and low VOC sealers. Some of our processes use only pH neutral products, and some are purely mechanical meaning we can achieve an effect using no chemicals at all. One of the best ways to make our work product more eco-friendly is to do it right the first time thus prolonging the need to do it again. This is the advantage that experience guarantees.


I did my first marble floor grind, flatten, and polish in 1987 and have been perfecting the technique every year with regular equipment and abrasive upgrades. Our unique process allows us to get a flatter floor (no waves in the reflection) and a crystal clear polish. Ask about this service and I will explain my secret for a longer lasting polish, guaranteed.


Different stone types require different cleaning chemicals to break down the specific soils. Understanding of the stone is vital; the chemical that will clean very well one type of stone will ruin another stone. We also have our own “hacks” to achieve superior results in impossible situations, using a combination of techniques.


To remove etching, acid rain damage, and wear patterns. This will restore the color and add life to the overall look. We can restore any of these surfaces to the original condition, or change the finish as desired.


Travertine is a stone that requires special attention but responds very well to our treatments. Travertine similar to limestone (technically it is a limestone) and is effected in the same way and therefore restored similarly.


This is when we bring out the “big guns” to grind the stone flat and give it a seamless look. There is nothing like a marble or limestone floor with this look. We have unique techniques for this and can guarantee the flattest floor with the best finish.


This is one area where experience can not be substituted and you will easily see it in the end product. The tools used require a greater level of skill and practice so this is an area where our 25+ years of full-time experience really shines. We also have several processes to provide etch free marble countertops!


This is a more intensive type of cleaning method, required to remove red dirt staining or to deep clean limestone to restore the original color.


Sealing can provide protection against staining and soiling. It is important to know what type of sealer will be best in certain areas. Some types of sealers can act as a magnet for dirt, and some will cause your caulking to fail. Making the best choice in any given situation is vital to performance. There is also a difference between impregnators and coatings and very careful consideration should be made between the two.


We have also been doing concrete treatments in Hawaii longer than anyone. Diamond polishing with various cut depths and finishes. Our acid-staining techniques have a special artistic flair.


Our background in tile & stone installation provides the skills necessary for all repairs. We can guarantee our floor crack repairs to never reoccur. We also repair hollow tiles and spalling, travertine holes, as well as granite countertop seams, cracks, and chips.