Marble Cleaning and Polishing


Architects and designers today are discovering countless creative applications for marble, and marble that is properly maintained will enhance the beauty and value of your home or business for years to come.

New polished marble is raw and unprotected, and is susceptible to staining and marring from heavy foot traffic. For this reason, it is wise to protect your investment from the start.

“Don’t Take Your Marble for Granite”

There are correct and incorrect methods for maintaining each specific type of marble (and there are hundreds of types). While improper maintenance may give the desired appearance, it can cause deterioration which may go unnoticed for years.

The most typical of these failing maintenance methods involves the use of waxes, polymers, and synthetic finishes; which are used to coat the marble with a durable film. Unfortunately, the harsh alkalinity of strippers needed to strip them (when refinishing) can cause efflorescence, which will deteriorate the marble. These coatings also will not allow the stone to “breathe” and the trapped water vapor can cause various forms of damage, including spalling, and rust.


Continued use of these techniques could eventually damage your marble so extensively that a costly marble restoration option will be necessary.

Fortunately, the methods that are safe for the marble are also the most effective.

Whether your stone is old or new, the Outer Island Stone Care system offers you a beautiful and durable surface which enhances the value and enjoyment of your precious dimensional stone

The Outer Island Stone Care System for Marble Restoration and Preservation


First the marble floor needs to be cleaned free of all dirt and abrasive contaminants that can disrupt the restoration process, so a thorough marble cleaning is undertaken. Then, if necessary GRINDING. The amount of grinding is determined by a number of factors, such as age and colour of the marble, depth of scratches, traffic wear, acid etching, and lippage. The marble is then honed to a high degree to produce an even sheen.


The marble is sealed with a high-grade impregnating sealer. This sealer will not change the appearance of the marble and is 98% vapor transmittable. This means while sealing out the unwanted (water, oils and other potential stains) it will still allow the marble to breathe naturally. Moisture is the number one enemy of architectural stone so it is of the highest importance to allow these vapors to escape.


Finally the marble polishing process, in which various techniques are used based on the type of marble to be polished. If the stone is suitable Outer Island Stone Care can chemically densify the calcium carbonate in the top level of the marble (or limestone) to increase abrasion resistance. This surface lasts much longer than any polymer or synthetic coating, and will never require toxic stripping/refinishing. The ultimate in marble polishing.


How Does It All Add Up?

The end result of the Outer Island Stone Care marble polishing process is a more durable floor which is more cost effective to maintain, and a shine that is deeper than the original finish created at the quarry. You will see added colour, increased clarity, and a crystal clear shine.

Quality Assurance

Outer Island Stone Care technicians are trained to be experts in all areas of marble restoration. They know the products and their applications, the requirements of different types of marble, and how to recognize and correct problems before they become irreparable. To ensure the longevity of your marble floors we do not use any crystallization, re-crystallization, or micro-crystallization methods.