diamond grinding

diamond grinding

Diamond Honing

Diamond honing can be performed on dimensional stone to remove scratches and etching in preparation for marble polishing, or just to even out the intended honed finish and remove damage.

Honing can also be performed with other flexible and rigid types of abrasive media, buffing compounds, and various types of diamond disks.

Limestone and marble honing does take some skill to get a nice finish when the floor will not be flattened prior to the honing. Some companies will even tell you they cannot re-hone without first flattening.

This is because the uneven tiles (low corners) will not receive the same contact with the abrasives that are used to sand out the damage. There can be a noticeable difference in these corners but we have techniques to minimize this effect which makes this an attractive option due to the cost savings compared to a complete flattening.

diamond grinding floor example

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is a term used to describe a more aggressive diamond sanding process, where more material will be removed usually intended to completely flatten the floor (removing the unevenness at the tile edges).

Marble grinding is almost always done using diamond abrasives because it is a lot of work and the diamonds are by far the most efficient.

To get a quality finish the marble floor must be correctly flattened. This does not mean simply leveling the tiles at all the grout seams. Using light machinery that will follow the ridges and valleys in the floor.

If the grinding is done this way you can still get a nice finish, but there will be a wavy look to the floor. Windows and lighting that reflect off the floor will not be straight and the floor will have an appearance similar to vinyl tiles or linoleum.

This is why equipment is so important. At Nu Life Stone Care we use heavy machines that create a multi-directional scratch pattern. The size, speed, and weight of our machines, combined with the abrasives we use are the right combination to totally flatten limestone and marble floors.

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