Limestone Honing Services

Limestone honing services is another process all together and this stone should not be treated the same as marble.

Most limestone is produced with a honed finish to give it a softer look and feel. This finish is well suited to the warm tones and is common for limestone. Sometimes clients will believe that this honed finish (low sheen) is a sign of poor quality and therefore needs polishing which is not the case.

The designer who specified this limestone did look at samples and chose the existing finish. This choice should be respected and not altered. Our objective is always to restore the stone to its original appearance and color. However, if requested limestone polishing can be done in the same way as marble polishing. This will close up the pores and make it easier to clean. This should be done only with the expressed consent of the property owner or manager. In most cases, the limestone will be restored using the various techniques of limestone honing.

There are many types of abrasive modalities that are suited for limestone honing. These techniques will be chosen to suit the type of limestone, how hard or soft it is, and the desired finish; low, medium, or high sheen. We can also alter the sheen if desired to meet any new design preference or to increase slip resistance. Limestone is a great material to work with because it offers so many possibilities.