Marble Polishing Services

We have solutions for all types of surfaces and can restore to honed or polished finish. These surfaces can present unique challenges and experience is especially important in creating an efficient restoration technique.

marble polishing services

Marble Walls

Marble wall polishing requires mechanical treatments to remove etching and restore the polish. Because we have gravity working against us instead of for us (with floors) this work has to be well planned…here is no room for inefficiency. We use a process that will provide at least two results for each technique. This saves us time and energy and allows work to be completed in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable cost.

marble polishing services

Marble Countertops / Marble Tables / Marble Vanities

Marble countertop sealing and polishing is a specialty for Outer Island Stone Care, of course, this includes stone vanities and tables. These surfaces usually get more abuse than floors because they come into contact with acidic food products that will etch the polished finish, and just sealing your marble countertop with an impregnating sealer will not help.

Technically marble and limestone should not be used for kitchen countertops but is very common. So, this represents a lot of the work that we do. This is where the stone care professional is separated from the floor care professional who occasionally does stone…most will not attempt to polish marble countertops. We love them.

Engineered Stone Countertops

We also have a great new product for sealing engineered (reconstituted) stone countertops (Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, EssaStone, TrendStone, Smartstone, Silestone, Stone Italiana). These stones can show smudge and scuff marks and some varieties can even stain or burn. Engineered stones will all break down with UV exposure due to the epoxy binders. Our engineered stone sealing product also acts as a sunscreen, filtering out the UV rays which cause deterioration via micro spalling.


New marble countertop polishing and complete acid protection!

We now have a unique marble countertop sealing process to make limestone, travertine, onyx, and all stone countertop surfaces 100% acid resistant. We have been researching this for a long time and finally found one that can deliver great protection without turning the marble into a resin/marble hybrid like the coatings do…and about half the price! This process is a must for completely sealing marble kitchen countertops and marble vanities. Available in a polished, low gloss, or honed finish. Acid and stain protection guaranteed. To learn more about this amazing product available exclusively through Outer Island Stone Care.