Ever hear the phrase “Doctored Stone”?  Well, it’s not because the stone is sick.  Some stones, mainly granite, don’t naturally have deep colour when quarried and dressed. These stones would not be very popular if it was not for “doctoring”.

Doctoring it the process of applying dyed resins to the stone to achieve the desired color. However, problems can arise down the line as the colour fades from UV exposure, or if a spill occurs with a solvent that will remove the dye, and leave a light spot, which looks like an etch mark that you see on marble. This problem is very common with black granite.

The practice of “doctoring” is becoming quite common and many consider it to be unethical. This is because the consumer is not made aware of what they are buying, and the product is mis-represented, as the color is not “true”. Unfortunately, there is no standard current to limit this practice. The author will be working with the ASTM C-18 committe to change that, hopefully very soon.

For more information go to:  http://www.doctoredstone.org/index.htm