All proud homeowners treasure their beautiful marble countertops they've usually paid good money for. But if you truly wish to make the most of your beloved countertops, you should worry about so much more than choosing the best cleaning supplies and using them according to label instructions. You apparently also need to concern yourself with the risk of someone breaking into your home and taking off with the countertops.

Let's find out more about the best ways of looking after your marble inside the kitchen or bathroom, safety-related included.

How To Keep Your Marble Countertops Spotless

Try one of the neutral pH marble cleaners you can find in stores. Make sure you choose one that will not cause any scratches, usually typical to cleaners that are homemade. Marble does not react well to cleaners that are acid or alkalin. And abrasive solutions will not do your countertops any good either.

If you do not have to clean any stubborn stains, you can rely on plain, hot water and a sponge. Baking soda is well-known for its wonderful effects on pretty much anything it is used on. And this includes using it as a marble countertop cleaner.

Keep in mind marble is a type of a soft stone that can suffer staining and scratching quite often. It is vital not to expose it to vinegar and other acids, as well as detergents or ammonia. Since baking soda is known to be alkaline, use extra caution with it. Apply it gently when needed for more difficult stains, but do not use it on a daily basis.

Protect Your Marble Countertops From Thieves

Home intrusion is unfortunately not an uncommon even in the life of many homeowners. And you would be surprised to find out what kind of items get stolen during home break-ins. Anything from laundry detergent to jewelry, cash, TVs, and clothes can fall into the sticky hands of opportunist neighborhood thieves or pros. But did you ever consider your marble countertops as potential loot thieves may want to grab on their way out? There are reported cases of stolen marble countertops from construction sites, and a few from homes.

Proper home security measures will make it more difficult for burglars to get inside your home. Talk to a few reliable residential locksmiths near you and ask them to assess the locks on your doors and windows. The smallest glitch or fault in a lock on an entryway door could be all that a burglar needs to make their way in. so make sure all of your locks are working fine, and have the ones that are broken or obsolete replaced or re-keyed.

Use keys and locks on the bathroom or kitchen doors for extra safety for your marble countertops. Install surveillance cameras you can control with the help of your smartphone or computer, and make a habit out of always checking if the locks on the front doors are properly enabled.

Keep intruders away by installing small-keyed locks on your windows, and also consider bars and grills for the same purpose.