If you are planning a renovation that will involve the use of lots of construction materials, you should prepare yourself for quite some hassle. These materials are normally heavy and irregular in shape, which means you will have to deal with a number of challenges in handling them. Among them, granite, stone, and slabs of marble seem to be the most difficult to manipulate, store, and carry. It may even be necessary to use specialized equipment and have specific training in the field in order to stay safe and perform your renovation tasks with these particular materials.

According to official Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommendations, you should concern yourself with a number of things. Here are a few of the most important of them.

Select Storage Racks Built For Heavy Materials

  • The heavy weight of stone building materials – reaching up to a few thousand pounds for larger units forces you to store them in racks that can support the load. Opt for thick, heavy-duty steel racks. See if you can find racks finished with powder coats that can handle abrasion.

  • Take a close look at the racking prior to loading the heavy construction materials. That sight of any dents and scratches should make you think twice about making the purchase. You could risk seeing the rack fail in front of your eyes.

  • Avoid manually lifting the stone slabs. OSHA recommendations refer to the use of two people to lift materials that weigh over 50 pounds. But dealing with stone will definitely change things.

  • Use gear that has been specially designed to lift building materials. For example, lifts trucks and cranes and lift trucks, clamps and hooks should help you stay away from musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Properly securing the load prior to lifting it is imperative.

Talk To Expert Locksmiths

  • You may need to get in touch with an expert locksmith who handles home or commercial services. Ask them to assess your storage security needs and try to go beyond the securing of loads transportation. See that your storage room where you will be keeping all or most of your construction materials is well secured with sturdy, heavy duty locks. You may need deadbolt locks, mortise, or other types of locks. Simple padlocks that any opportunist thief can pick in just a couple of minutes are not advisable. Do a search for a 24/7 house locksmith near me online and get in touch with an expert locksmith who can assess our needs for free, recommend the best solutions and put them into practice. Not anyone can install a lock on door, so it is best to leave the task into the hands of trained and insured pros. In case something goes wrong during the installation, you can use the warranty and have everything rapidly fixed, instead of having to look for online tutorials.

  • If you plan on using your garage, a room around the house, or a garden shed to store your construction materials, ensure the locks on the doors and windows are properly sealed and secured. Consider using surveillance cameras if you will be storing expensive materials for a longer time.