How concerned would you say you currently are when it comes to home burglary threats, and the subsequent psychological and financial impact that a break-in could have on you and your family? Homes, garages, and garden sheds alike can easily fall into the hands of opportunist thieves and professional burglars alike. And they usually only need a few seconds to make their way into a home and take off with anything valuable they can lay their hands on.

There are of course also times when burglars are confronted by homeowners, and things can degenerate into even more disturbing occurrences. Properties usually suffer various degrees of damage in close to half of break-ins. Plus, it would appear that official statistic speak about home break-in victims requiring four months on average to recover from the stress caused by the event. Thus, there is an imperative need that each homeowner takes rightful precaution and prevention measures to keep intruders away and at bay.

Below you will find a few straightforward solutions tailored with the help of authorized security experts and police officers – for those of you who need to hit the refresh button on your home's appearance and functionality.

Beef Up Security At The Front Door

  • You should be able to perform a full lockdown every day. It might sound like a no-brainer and you might feel like you are wasting your time reading this particular step, but trust us on this one: there are lots of people who are practically inviting burglars over every day. And they don't even know it. They never or rarely lock their doors, wrongfully thinking no one could ever

  • They were raised this way, as their parents and their parents' parents never locked their homes. But things used to stand a little different back in the day. There were fewer cars, fewer valuable items, and no smart devices to steal, for starters. The population was smaller, and people used to make a living easier than they do today. So there weren't so many burglaries and burglars to worry about. Unfortunately, things have changed for the worst and today we are looking at criminal threats at both a physical and a virtual level.

  • Being able to fully lock up your home once you arrive at the premises has become a must. And it can solely be achieved with the help of proper locksets, healthy key management, and a properly executed checking ritual.

  • Windows should also be kept locked at all times, even during hot summer days and nights when you feel like leaving them wide open to let some fresh air come in. rely on your A/C instead and see if you can also find someone who can fit some small-keyed locks and/or safety bars on them. This is usually the job of a home locksmith who should also tell you that doors and windows are the number one access points preferred by home burglars. If you are now wondering how much locksmith cost nowadays, as you haven't hired on in a while, feel free to take a look at the website of a reliable locksmith in town, or choose a nationwide service.

  • See that your power supply also has sturdy locks installed, to prevent any tampering.

  • If you are in the process of doing some home renovations, make sure all of your access doors and locks are working fine and that you have movement sensor lights and a home alarm installed.